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Empowerment: Our marketing and design team quickly worked to understand CWCU’s new branding guidelines. We helped develop different campaign strategies to support their continuous growth in their different banking services. Alongside their “wavy” West Michigan look and feel, we helped with different key brand elements to achieve a friendly business approach. Our main goal was to help CWCU portray a concise message of smart banking choices to their clients through visuals for their website, social media, posters, and postcards.

Inspiration: With a newly inspired visual identity to reinforce their banking services, CWCU can easily communicate all their banking benefits. Inspired by a strong West Michigan community, their brand identity is friendly, community-oriented and easy to understand.


Graphic Design Support

Good graphic design elevates any organization to the next level. It says its name out loud and communicates their true message. It’s instantly recognizable and speaks volumes about the business it represents.

Brand Consistency

Your company’s reputation, just like your own, depends not only on your words and your appearance but also on your behavior and consistency. The best reputations are built on trust and we believe CWCU has done an excellent job of doing just that.

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